Technology has encouraged consumers to buy online, therefore, malls have reevaluated their business model. The two things that are actually taking over these spaces, are food and entertainment. At Mero Mole, we are dedicated to evolve the customer experience and the mall’s profitability. We are very excited to be part of this revolution! Currently, we are developing 21 Food Halls® in different cities, where we make sure our projects have at least 50% GLA (Gross Leasable Area).

The transition from Food Courts to Food Halls® is simply inevitable. Nowadays, consumers spend 22% of their budget on food and beverages. Food has stopped being a necessity and is becoming a hobby. The incredible thing about Food Halls® is the diversity of quality food in different restaurant formats, consumption occasions and entertainment. All in one place.

If you want your mall to remain relevant by offering the very best experiences, contact us! We are spearheading the industry. Not only did we board the ship, we are behind the steering wheel.If you want to be the sharpest tool in the shed, we recommend taking a look at the following articles.



If you are in the food, beverage and entertainment industry, specifically involved in shopping malls and still want to play in the big leagues, join the current trends! In a few words, foodies have taken over the world. It is a fact that department stores are struggling, they have to keep up with technology and reinvent themselves. Nowadays, more people tend to shop online but they still consider food to be more than just flavor, they look at it as an experience. That is why Food Halls®, the modern version of local markets, are becoming the heart of different cities around the world and at the same time, the new anchors of shopping malls. Food Halls® offer a space for different kinds of restaurants, bars and even live music venues; several brands and consumption occasions mix together in the same place. The menus are smaller, which decreases the costs for restaurant owners.

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If you are considering using a space in your shopping mall to have a Food Hall®, you need to think big in terms of quality food. Chefs like Mario Batali, Anthony Bourdain and now, José Andrés, have joined these market trends where gastronomy is undeniably dignified. The power of Food Halls® is clear, take Eataly for example. In 2010, Chef Batali opened the first store in New York; there are currently over 30 of them throughout the United States and the rest of the world. In 2015, only in the Big Apple, Eataly’s annual revenue was 85 million dollars. Food Halls® are a clear trend amongst chefs and prove that foodies enjoy eating as an experience, a hobby beyond a necessity.

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