For restaurants, dives, businesses, stores or any kind of establishment, it is no longer enough to offer quality products or great food: foodies from all over the world now demand unforgettable experiences. Why?

The middle class is ever expanding, the average Mexican is no longer satisfied with putting on a track suit and spending all day at the supermarket. There is an increase in demand for higher quality products and sophisticated experiences. Living spaces are shrinking while the need for entertainment keeps growing.

Families are also smaller; gone are the days when Grandma and 40 aunties showed up with many casseroles and stews for supper. In today’s world the working class flocks to shopping centers, looking to be delighted and surprised and take advantage of that great increase in their entertainment budget.

A full belly is no longer enough for a happy heart. Consumers want social spaces; they don’t want to come home and eat, they want to make a memory that begins before the meal and never ends.

Busy lives, complicated work schedules, always being in a rush, reduced living spaces, technology and a world that’s advancing at full throttle and never stops, make the consumer demand not only bread, but circus as well.Mero Mole, customer experience, experiences, target market, foodie

We know that the world isn’t only looking for an explosion of flavors, it is also important to harness the power of images, surroundings, sound and the concept for a place. This is what we call a “complete experience”. Those who cannot grasp the importance of each and every one of these elements and their symbiosis, are destined to fail. The team at Mero Mole has pizzazz, craftiness and attitude; it is a team that knows how to discover the tastes, desires and needs of every Mexican foodie walking down streets looking for the very best. Our strong suit is creating unique experiences, and while it may be the most complicated, it is the most fun.

By: the Top Dogs