Remember the advertising boom? It started in the 60’s with a few ads that had some robust ladies on them and ended with the infamous globalization (one of those big words that, quite frankly, we’re kinda bored of hearing already). How lucky everyone felt to have all kinds of handy products at their disposal; with globalization, consumers could have what they wanted, when they wanted, how they wanted it.

Thanks to this phenomenon we have restaurant chains. The idea was that all foodies could treat themselves to the same indulgences wherever they happened to be. That the local, the traveler, the tourist and the migrant alike felt right at home at any franchise location. Because no one knows what came first, the chicken or the egg, and everything is part of a cycle, this trend changed and now it’s independent restaurants that are in. Moreover, it is no longer enough to sell food and beverage to survive. Even in the “independent” world, we’ve seen that only those businesses that invest in consumer experience stay alive, because those consumers demand authenticity.

In Mexico alone there are around 550,000 restaurants. This means that competition is at its highest and that Mexicans have a myriad of options to choose from. Of this vast number of establishments, 96% are independent restaurants and only 4% continue to serve up mass production. One would think that chains are everywhere, but no. The businesses that are making a killing are those that have that a little “something extra” to offer.

Because with just cause, our beloved consumers are no longer seeking to merely satisfy their hunger. They are hungry for independent, authentic and ingenious offerings. The key is in creating personalized experiences for everyone: foodies don’t want to be thrown in the same pile with all the “other” consumers, which is why they are not looking for the same thing everybody else is looking for, but something that they can identify with, something they can discover.

What could they possibly discover, when they have all the entertainment they will ever need in the palm of their hand? Here’s the twist: instead of seeing technology as an obstacle, it’s better to use it in our favor. In reality, it plays a constant and important part in the equation when it comes to development.

Technological processes are always going full speed ahead with no brakes. Instead of being bitter about it and resisting these changes, let’s give consumers a reason to look up from their screens to enjoy something unique and enveloping. Technology has revolutionized the way we interact with the world, and with it, it is revolutionizing the Food & Beverage Industry.

In the kitchen, they say that no one knows the bottom of the pot better than the spoon that stirs it. Mero Mole is the spoon that stirs every pot and the perfect garnish for every plate. Consumers want to connect with the product and we know how to plug them in. They want products to fit with their personality, their identity. They’re not looking to make a deal; the typical cost-benefit relationship is no longer their sole objective. They are hungry for design and authenticity; they want to discover an unforgettable experience, so they can recommend it and share it forever.

By: the Top Dogs.