“Consumption occasions” is one of those concepts that everyone thinks they’re experts in, but in reality it is as impossibly complex as presuming to know what foodies will be craving every day of the week. In fact, when you put it that way, it’s almost not possible at all! “Consumption occasion” refers to the different ways in which foodies approach an establishment: it’s the “what for” and “why” they specifically go to your restaurant. Its easy to fool yourself  into thinking this is a simple question to answer: foodies go to eat, flirt, have fun, spend time with friends and unwind. Period. Right? Not so fast! At Mero Mole we know that there´s a fine line between any of those divisions, and there’s much, much more to it than that.

In order to identify the thousands of… ok fine, maybe not thousands, but certainly many, different consumption occasions, one must take into account all factors, not just your basic services: fast food, dinner with friends, business lunch, etc. Consumers are anything but simple, and we can’t lump together all of their experiences into so few consumption occasions. It is necessary to combine all sorts of information: from industry trends to getting into your consumers minds and identifying what the reasons for going out to eat are.

This calculation is difficult, but not impossible. First, you have to know who your consumer is, the infamous “target market”. Then, we must pinpoint what moves them by asking some basic questions: with who, how, when, where and why. The variety of consumption occasions will depend on the diversity of answers given. We have to think about who the consumer is going with, how much time and money they want to spend, what time of day they’re going and what day of the week… you get the picture. There’s an infinite amount of variables that must get plugged into the hugely complex matrix of motives and occasions. It is indispensable for any F&B establishment to define what kind of consumption occasions they want to offer.

So how do we make the most out of all this? Keeping in mind you reap what you sow: taking advantage of distribution, interior design and concept of a restaurant to foster different kinds of consumption occasions that will enable you to cater to more than one type of foodie and respond to a wider variety of motives. What do a group of ladies out for breakfast on a Tuesday morning and a lone professional looking to settle in and get some work done have in common? The need for a space they can identify with and feel comfortable in. At Mero Mole, we know foodies every which way, and it is our passion to create combinations that contain all the necessary ingredients to give versatility to spaces that will feel like home to any kind of consumer.

By: Mero Mole.