Sons and daughters of the millennium, Snapchat lovers, tech freaks, hunters of experiences; here are three words that describe millennials to the “t”: HARD TO GET. Successfully attracting this consumer profile has two significant challenges:

  1. Creating loyalty. This consumer gets bored quickly, has the attention span of a Chihuahua when what you’re saying is of no interested to him, and his expectations of getting a bang for his buck are high.
  2. Creating team players. If you are staffing millennials, you already know that they’re not afraid of switching jobs: “I’ll work here until I pay my car off and then I’ll go travel for a year.”

Houston, we have a problem. If you are serving millennials (who are very demanding) with a Millennial staff (who tend to have a YOLO mentality), you’re looking at a potential epic fail in the hospitality industry.

But wait! Everything is not lost. Mero Mole has some show-saving tips for all you Gen-X and Boomers that just haven’t wrapped your minds around the whole Millennial issue:

  • Endomarketing: walk the walk.

Internal communication has to be as airtight as external communication. Before, we only had to worry about convincing the consumer. Now we also have to create strategies to engage the staff as well.

  • Rotation: embrace change.

The need for developing better and faster training systems is real. Instead of jumping through hoops to retain staff come hell or high wind, we must switch our mindset and accept that staff rotation is going to increase.

  • Technology: the communicational bridge.

From a consumer standpoint, all bases must be covered: SEO, SEM, Google Maps, Facebook, etc. Form the staff angle, we’ve got to open up new communication channels (like Whatsapp) with them so that they feel listened to and action plans implemented according to their needs.

  • Storytelling: sound your horns.

Engage your team: consumers and staff. What stories are you telling? Are your tortillas hand-made? Its important that your narrative is ad-hoc to your concept, average bill, menu and consumer occasions.

Why all this insistence? Did you know that millennials spend more on restaurants than supermarkets? Besides, they literally make the world turn on its axis: they’re annual spending in 2015 was over $2.45 trillion dollars, and it’s expected that by 2018 they become the generation with the most purchasing power in the world, surpassing $3.39 trillion dollars.

Bottom line, if you want to compete for their wallets you’ve got to win over their brains first.

By: The Top Dogs