Customer feedback, even when they’re complaints, should be considered an asset to any business. It allows us valuable insight into the consumers’ perception, measure your staff’s performance and compare results against previous company records or against the competition. As if that weren’t enough, they’re freebies!

Not to mention, the very same communication channels are used to receive compliments as well as complaints. Check this data out from US consumers:

  • 88% read online reviews.
  • 72% states that said reviews increase confidence in a restaurant.
  • 87% trusts a review the same way that they would a friend or acquaintance’s recommendation.
  • 68% of consumers trust a restaurant when there’s a mix of good and bad reviews, since 30% of them become suspicious when there’s only positive comments.

Eduardo, one of our Head Honchos here at Mero Mole, used a formula he liked to call “Multiply it by 100” when he worked for Mad Mex (an Aussie chain). “Supposing only 1% of consumers takes the time to give you feedback, whether its a compliment or a complaint, we can assume that 10 angry consumers will translate into 1,000 haters of your brand, and that’s going to hurt!”

Supporting that information, Rodrigo (the other Head Honcho) tells us about his time at The Capital Grille: “The key is to find recurring complaints, which need to be addressed immediately. Regardless, each complaint needs to be resolved in a personal and casual yet considerate manner.”

Mero Mole’s Three Tips:

Prevent: Disney’s famous Showready. We’re willing to bet you you’ve never surprised Goofy with his mask off, updating his FB status. On the contrary, from the moment the park opens until closing time, every employee stays in character, according to their script and the company’s KPI’s.

Action: It’s easy to spot a table that’s not enjoying themselves. This is the time to act swiftly and get the bug contained before it spreads any further. Many waiters are only after tips when really they should be after smiles.

Innovation: Surprise your clients with your conflict resolution tactics. There are very few businesses that are willing to tackle this monster, where there is clearly an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.

We hope that this entry has been helpful. Remember, the main objective for any restauranteur should be to shatter their consumer’s expectations, starting from the way you prevent issues to how you resolve them. So, let’s get to it!

By: the Top Dogs