TEC de Monterrey alumni Rodrigo Vargas Mier y Terán (BA in Marketing class of ’07) and Eduardo Méndez Hassey (BA in Marketing class of ’01) determined that the Food & Beverage industry in Mexico lacked a professional consulting service for this specific sector, and decided to launch the strategic consulting firm Mero Mole in Mexico City in 2014.

“We realized that compared to the US, the F&B industry in our country is still in diapers and this motivated us to become the agents of change that would promote the move this sector towards increased professionalism, growth and sustainability through professional strategic consulting services”, said Vargas Mier y Terán.

Mero Mole’s main objective is to evolve the consumer’s experience to boost profitability in food and beverage consumer centers.

They focus on restaurants (existing as well as new) and Foodie Markets® (entertainment and culinary centers). They always adhere to the highest planning and quality standards in order to generate an experience that consumers will want to repeat and recommend. There are other TEC alumnae working at the company as well: Ana Regina Mitre Martínez (BA in Communications class of ’13) works in experience design; Roberto Pérez Benítez (BC in Business Administration class of ’08) is in administration and finance; Andrea Rivas Osio (BC in Financial Administration class of ‘09) coordinates the investigation and analysis area, and Melissa Danae Velarde Alamilla (BA in Industrial Design class of ‘15) is in charge of the concept department.

Rodrigo pointed out that they have already had a positive impact in the industry they influence: “To date, we believe that we’ve created a positive impact not just because we’re working with some of the country’s most important businesses, but because the number of new clients that come knocking on our door increases every month.”

Presently, Mero Mole has worked on over 49 projects, 35 of which have been restaurants in Mexico, the US and Europe, the rest being nine Foodie Markets® and others.

Vargas Mier y Terán fondly recalls all that the TEC de Monterrey has brought to his professional life.

“The TEC helped structure my mind and therefore my professional aspirations. It opened my eyes to a world full of opportunities as long as I kept creativity and tenacity a part of the equation.”

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