Anybody working in the food & beverage industry (F&B) understands that every operation in its company needs to translate into a personalized experience for every consumer.

The question is: what is the best way to use technology so your consumers can find what they need without hurting your company’s spirit?

It’s common to hear that the heart of the industry beats within the people, as the saying goes: people working with people; but hospitality is an issue that is evolving everyday, and there is no way to resist the change. If someone wants its business to stay alive, customized experiences must be offered more than ever, through efficient technological platforms.

The best asset technology brings can be defined in one word: options. If a consumer goes to a fine dining restaurant he/she would rather be attended by a waiter instead of a robot, that’s a fact, but that person wouldn’t mind if the waiter knew beforehand his/her preferences and offered that consumer his favorite dishes or drinks. Also, the consumer wouldn’t mind coming into the restaurant and having the chef cooking an appetizer dish to please his palate according to previous experiences.


The companies that decide not to invest in technology will become alienated from a world of personalized options that the F&B industry will offer to its consumers. The link between hospitality and technology is definitely the way to go.

As an industry, we are currently in a moment that must be seized and catapulted. According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA) in the United States, consumers are constantly allocating more economic resources to eat out. It’s estimated that the American restaurant industry will sell 799 billion in 2017.

It will be necessary to take this situation into consideration and take a step further from what’s happening today: some businesses only use certain technology tools such as Micros or reservations networks like Open Table. We need to figure out issues like training that currently lacks consistency and is given in less than 40% of restaurants; that also help to standardize the quality of the consumer experience. Why not generate databases, efficient and personalized loyalty programs and automated smart kitchens? In other words, develop the right technology to leave the customers completely blown away.

The challenge is to incorporate your team into this new era. Having the intention is not enough; waiting for a long time can take you into a battle to survive in these times of change.

Running your business like a Swiss watch is vital; and focusing in its corporate vision instead of micromanaging, will help you find a way to customize your product using smart technological platforms.

We have opened an innovation department in Mero Mole, which is offering specific solutions for the F&B industry. We are the aspirin this industry needs.

It is possible to customize using technology; it is possible to take your business further.

Get in touch with Mero Mole, let’s grow together and personalize consumers’ experience hand in hand.