“Without a strategy you’re a nobody.”
— Eduardo Méndez—

“If you can measure it, you can improve it.”
— Rodrigo Vargas—

“Keep your shirts on lads, we’re going for more!”
— Edgar—

What do you like about the future of F&B?

Always being a few steps ahead of the consumer and surprising them every chance we get.

Combining F&B with retail, services and entertainment. We have to erase the guidelines that were established 50 years ago.

Specialty: Hospitality & Operations

Rodrigo’s passions are Marketing, Business Development and Hospitality. He joined the CMR team in 2007 as Director of Sales and Marketing. By 2011 he was VP of Premium Brand Operations where he executed the launch of the very first Capital Grille restaurant outside of the US. Before CMR he worked at Grupo Modelo developing sales strategies in Mexico and Argentina.

He has a BA in Marketing from TEC de Monterrey, an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management and completed a course in Interior Space Design at Universidad Iberoamericana.

Specialty: Marketing & Strategy

Eduardo has accrued over 13 years experience working in the Publicity and Marketing fields. Before becoming Mero Mole’s co-founder he lived in Australia for 6 years and was the GM of a chain of 43 restaurants, Mad Mex. Previously, he had established his own publicity agency and worked with clients the likes of PepsiCo and HSBC. Additionally, he co-created Americas Sports Marketing where he worked with Deportivo Toluca FC.

Eduardo has a BA degree in Marketing from TEC de Monterrey and a Masters degree from Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney, a technical degree in Photography, is certified in Digital Design and has completed courses in Creativity and Copy write.

Specialty: Concept Creation & Design

Regina is a tendency hound, specializing in 4D brand evolution in the Hospitality industry, from concept generation to flawless execution. Before joining Mero Mole, she worked at OCESA in new product development. She has been an integral part in the launch of brands like Enomatic, Winestyles México and Paloma Querida, among others.

Regina has a BA in Communications from TEC de Monterrey. Her career in concept creation is complemented by her experience in PR, strategic planning and digital media.

Specialty: Concept Creation and Design

Ivan is voraciously passionate about creativity and design applied to concepts that offer delicious experiences in various points of contact, physical as well as digital. Before arriving at Mero Mole, he honed his skill at digital agencies and BTL, curating experiences for brands like BMW, Suzuki, Grupo Modelo and José Cuervo, among others.

Ivan has a BA in Interactive Design from the Universidad Iberoamericana, which allows him to combine his abilities to dream up experiences and be able to make them a reality within functional designs.

Specialty: Concept Creation and Strategy


Fer majored in Visual Communication Design at Centro. She showed she was super talented in architectural space intervention at Casa Estudio Barragán and Museo Eco, later on, she promoted traditional illustration in design bazars and showcased her incredible work as a graphic designer in the marketing agency Brandia.

Her biggest cravings are: reading a book, writing, doing animation and of course, illustrating, always thinking out of the box to explore new techniques. She leaves us breathless when it comes to branding, editorial design and the use of color.

Here are Fer’s most inspiring words: design goes beyond languages or culture borders; it’s the perfect way to communicate since we can understand each other just by using shapes and colors.

Specialty: Marketing


Eugenio’s biggest passions are marketing, creativity and the restaurant industry, he is quite a shark in this last area since he grew up working in different restaurants every summer since he was 12 years old.

Before bringing his unique flavor to Mero Mole, he showed off his talent at CMR in the marketing area, his biggest lesson was the detailed approach the hospitality industry requires. He spent a semester at UTS Sydney, in Australia, where he worked in the Mad Mex company, an Australian restaurant chain. The icing on the cake? He has a Diploma in Digital Marketing from Tec de Monterrey of the Santa Fe campus.

Today, Eugenio is a marketing student at Universidad Iberoamericana but when he has some spare time (it doesn’t happen very often) he releases his inner graphic and music artist playing his guitar.

Specialty: Concept and Design Creation

No one’s better than Melissa when it comes to creating mind blowing yet executable concepts. She draws on her experiences working on conceptualization, product development, corporate identity and coolhunting for several not-for-profits, influencers and large companies like Audi, where she participated in their Future Lab in Switzerland.

She has expanded her knowledge at workshops for editorial editing, Design Management and community creation, and as if this weren’t enough, she’s a member of the designers collective La Tlapalería.

Melissa has a BC in Industrial Design from the TEC de Monterrey and focused studies in Branding, Packaging and Container Design, Experience Design and Food Design.

Specialty: Concept and Design Creation


With a clever mind, Renata joined Mero Mole to connect strategy and storytelling, creating powerful and bulletproof concepts.

For Renata, her superpowers are being restless and curious. When it comes to her passions, she likes to get out of her comfort zone, traveling, diving and of course, enjoying a good meal.

Renata majored in Marketing at Tec de Monterrey. Before being a Top Dog in Concept Design, she was a powerhouse in strategy and management analysis at Deloitte Consulting.

Specialty: Content and Copy Editing


Raquel is a coffee lover and a proofreader goddess, so much so that she was an actual Twitstar who gave spelling tips to 12,000 followers. Holy Moly!

Before being one of Mero Mole’s essential ingredients leading the Editorial Department, she showed her superb skills working in a digital agency, she also managed a cultural foundation, coordinated an educational consultancy and inaugurated Alcachofa Ediciones, an editorial agency where she worked for lifestyle magazines such as Travelmall and Golf&Spa; she also collaborated editing books for organizations like Fundación Friedrich Ebert, iShop Educación and Amexcap.

Raquel majored in Visual Communication at Universidad de la Comunicación and, the icing on the cake? She has a master’s degree in Semiotics.

Specialty: Design and branding

Dafne is an absolute whiz, if not the whiz, when it comes to the visual construction of brands. Fresh in from Guadalajara, where she revolutionized the Tapatíos working with Impulza, a serious player in the F&B Industry. Before coming to Mero Mole, she worked in several communications agencies, doing design for events and festivals like LéaLA (the LA Spanish book fair).

Dafne has a degree in Design for Graphic Communications from the University of Guadalajara, complemented with courses among which are the Concept Manager by Boosterwise and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Specialty:  Design and Branding


Design is Ana’s favorite dish, that is why she never leaves home without something to capture her inspiring ideas. While lettering runs through her veins and she is a frustrated filmmaker, she’s dedicated her time to achieve visual perfection combining this two fields.

Ana majored with honors in Graphic Design at Universidad Iberoamericana. Before joining Mero Mole’s talented kitchen, she was a gifted freelancer developing projects for the restaurant field. Since then, she’s been a devoted foodie.

Specialty: llustration and Editorial Design

Borderline OCD, Ale believes that a designer should pay attention to every single detail. At 8 years olds, she knew graphics were her thing; since then she never goes anywhere without her notepad.

Before joining Mero Mole, Ale worked at Algarabía where, while being the head of the graphic designers team, she created a type of illustration that certainly became the magazine’s hallmark. Additionally, she has worked with organizations like Biosocial: Inclusión y desarrollo, creating various communication materials for women in indigenous communities.

Ale has a BA in Graphic Design with honors from Universidad Iberoamericana.

Specialty: Customer Experience

Ana Paula’s special sauce is her meticulous service cycle design, always paying close attention to all the details that compliment consumer opportunity to generate successful consumer experiences.

Before coming to Mero Mole she worked at the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort Hotel and the Majestic Hotel and Spa in Barcelona, where best in class service and hospitality were her daily bread.

Ana Paula is currently studying Hotel Administration in CESSA. In her free time, she loves cooking and getting familiar with new culinary trends.

Specialty: Customer Experience

Joana’s aim is to improve coordination projects for massive events while keeping and eye on the details that make all the difference.

She enjoys traveling, meeting new things, and, as it should be, eating. She’s convinced that food is always linked without senses and mood.

Joana studies Hospitality Administration and Management at CESSA, and has a lot of experience in Food and Beverage Administration, by the W Barcelona, and in Marketing and events.

Specialty: Architecture and Space Design

Ale’s experience in different branches of architecture and construction brings a very special dish to our table. For the past 5 years, she has directed multiple housing and office projects, performing tasks such as space design, all the way to the actual building construction. She collaborated as Project Manager with various Parque Reforma’s AAA+ projects in Mexico City and Acapulco. At Cushman & Wakefield, she was Project Manager for the Construction and Design Department focused on large corporate developments. She launched Ingeniería Orca’s new Project Area with several restaurant projects, as well as the famous Starbucks locations when they first arrived in Mexico.

Ale has a mayor in Architecture from Universidad Iberoamericana graduating with high honors and a minor in Building Restoration and Rehabilitation. Add to the mix several postgraduate courses in Interior Architecture from Creapole in Paris, France; also, Spaces and Lighting, Design and Sustainable Construction, and Garden Architecture certificates from Universidad Iberoamericana. The cherry on top is her certification in Accounting and Finances from ITAM.

Specialty: Interior Space Architecture


Andrea majored in Interior Architecture at Centro. What really pleases her palate career-wise, is theming in interior design and lighting. She’s worked for studios such as ON, where she showed her exquisite skills working in the project of Hotel Casa Trías in Chihuahua. Her work was just as delicious for Lily Duclaud where she collaborated for residential projects.

8 years ago, Andrea took her cravings for great flavors to a whole other level, creating her own bakery called MAKU. Andrea loves producing events that mix her set design skills along with her culinary expertise to create unique sensory experiences. Since this foodie loves to add more flavor to her life, she is currently being qualified in Management and Development of Professional Events at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

Specialty: Interior Design


Ana Lau majored in Architecture at UNAM, she loves her career but Interior Design  has always been close to her heart, she is certain that architecture and interior design complement each other perfectly. Her stunning designs are known for having a strategy to back them up, thinking from the most general aspects up to the smallest details.

Before being in Mero Mole’s kitchen, she spiced things up in an architects’s office called Pabellón de Arquitectura, this is where she participated in delicious projects such as an elephant yard at Villahermosa, Tabasco, an Event Hall at San Miguel de Allende and a house at Mexico City.

Her hips don’t lie! Ana Lau is a marvellous dancer, since she was 5 years old she’s practised different styles such as jazz, tap, ballet and Arabic dance, this last one is her absolute favourite, that’s why she’s practiced it for 6 years.

Specialty: Interior Design


Cintia majored in Interior Architecture at Centro. Before being one of Mero Mole’s top ingredients, she cooked amazing projects for the hotel industry at AoMa, some of her clients were Fiesta Americana Veracruz, Cancún Condesa and Aqua Cancún, focusing in the furniture area which is her life’s favorite dish.

Music runs through her veins so she plays guitar on her spare time and is addicted to concerts. On weekends, she likes to take walks, go to museums and meet new places riding her bike. Being a good Moler, she can’t resist desserts with a good cup of coffee.

Specialty: Interior Space Architecture

Sofía is passionate about interior design. She enjoys traveling to foreign places, studying their architecture and, of course, tasting their typical meals.

Before joining Mero Mole, she worked with interior designer Paulina Moran in projects such as Mamita’s Beach Club and Hacienda Chable Hotel in Chocholá, Yucatán, as well as in the Construction Site Supervision department of Nemesis Capital. Nowadays, Sofia is finishing up a degree in architecture at Universidad Iberoamericana.

Specialty: Interior Design


Paloma is an Interior Architect who just majored in Design, Cinema and TV at Centro. Her biggest joy is having an idea and making it a reality, and she knows that working as a team with people from different areas it’s the sweetest mix. Two of her projects have won awards and have been executed, the first one was in 2015, the construction of the coffee shop Punta del Cielo at Centro and, in 2016 she won the third place nationwide of the DiseñaSmart furnishing contest arranged by Masisa. She also collaborated with the interior architecture group to develop prototypes for the Zona Maco exhibition in 2017. She is on fire!

Besides being a hotshot in Interior Design, she is a photography lover and a few years back, she opened her own studio of personalized portrait shots. She has a weakness for the city’s cozy coffee shops where she can relax reading a good book while drinking a tasty cup of coffee or matcha tea. Talk about a yummy moment!

Specialty: Architecture Design


Being a moler, Juan Pablo sees experience as the greatest purpose of architecture.

He enjoys traveling and wandering around. He believes there’s no better way to fully know a city than getting lost in it, and visiting new places while discovering the role architecture has in peoples’ behavior.

Juan Pablo earned a Degree in Architecture from Universidad Iberoamericana and has architecture studies from Instituto Universitario Di Architecture in Venice.

Specialty: Architecture


There is one thing that gives Deyanira goosebumps: architectural design, and being so passionate and sensitive about it, she uses it as a tool to improve people’s life. When it comes to food, her biggest reward would be to discover the genuine flavor of the traditional gastronomy. Before adding her own unique spice to Mero Mole, the firm Ares Arquitectos, tasted her amazing knowledge in mall and retail design and she added a new skill to her working menu: architectural design from the conceptual stage to a executive project.

Deyanira graduated as an architect from Universidad Tec de Monterrey; and has a diploma in Art History from Universidad Claustro de Sor Juana. The savoriest activities in her life are reading and playing sports like soccer and canyoning.

Specialty: Architecture


Monse majored in Architecture at Universidad de La Salle Bajío, then, she worked as a Project Manager at e-arquitectos where she focused on housing projects and international contests, later on, she found her true taste in life working as an independent architect fanning the flame of her creativity.

That is how this Moler came to the big city all the way from León, Guanajuato to blow people’s minds in Mero Mole. Born with a creative mind and being passionate for spaces, she plans to transform the industry through architectural design, giving people a life-changing menu of experiences and sensations.

Besides having a sweet tooth for architecture, she digs meeting new restaurants where the food is as delicious as the space and its concept; she is on cloud nine when she travels and practices yoga.

Specialty: Architecture


Gerardo majored in Architecture at Universidad Iberoamericana with a two-year experience in project development, focusing on A+ housing and offices. His heart belongs to the city where he was born and raised: Mexico City. He loves its diversity, the theatres, museums and unique restaurants, but he admires the different architectonic styles the most because that was the spark that inspired him to be the person he is today.

Besides his career, he has a sweet tooth for graphic design and idea development. He loves to travel and meet new places, cultures, cuisines and ways of thinking, this is the inspiration behind his architectonic projects.

Following Molers’ traditions, he’s always trying to learn new things and is a total foodie, he always tries to add new choices to his menu of favorite restaurants, they must have unique concepts and different architectonic styles.

Specialty: Architecture Design


Lluvia is finishing up a degree in architecture from Tec de Monterrey, and has complemented her studies with Building Information Management and landscaping courses. In 2016, she was part of Jose M. Reyes’ Workshop Progress System during the Morelia Design Festival.

Lluvia has always mixed her artistic and scientific abilities because she’s passionate about sensorial architecture, as well as construction management and administration.

She enjoys traveling, practicing sports, living tough experiences and riding.

Specialty: Architecture Design


As an innovative architect, she loves to saver new places to sense different emotions that she later translates into her designs. She is also fond of gastronomy, especially Japanese food and hamburgers; mixing this couple of delicious passions, she brings a unique architectural proposal into Mero Mole’s table.

Ariela is a Moler who majored in Architecture at Universidad Iberoamericana, she took an exchange student program in Florence at Universidad Lorenzo d’Medici and a summer program in Barcelona at Universidad Iaac. She is a true feast of talent!

Long story short, Ariela shows that if you really fight for something, you will get it. Even though this is her first job, she’s proven to be a true inspiration when it comes to architectural design and facing big challenges.

Specialty: Project Management and Training

María José comes with a wealth of experience within the banking industry. She has specialized in modeling and executing analytical and mathematical solutions applied to business strategy.

Before joining Mero Mole’s team, she was responsible for CIBanco’s Training and Personnel Develoment program, implementing the Branch Service Model on a national scale. She developed the Integral Institutional Wellbeing Program as well as completed the migration from a person-to-person training program to an E-Learning platform.

She also worked at Banco Santander in Corporate and Investment Banking as a financial analyst and strategic planning controller for her area.
Maria José has a BC in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana and has completed studies at Lille Catholic University in France.

Specialty: Analysis and Statistics.

Bruno is the best when it comes to analyze information. If we dig a little into his career we’ll find positions like Assistant VP and Sales, subsequently stepping up as Sales Manager at CICAPSA, a company that imports and commercializes meat products. This is where Bruno first came in contact with the F&B Industry and his passion flourished. Inspired by this newfound passion, he decided to open El Mayoral, a meat distribution business, with two locations: Mercado del Carmen and Mercado Independencia, project where he has worked for the past two years.

Bruno has a BA in International Business by ITESM Santa Fe campus, and a certification in Banking and Insurance from the Haute École Spécialisée De Suisse Occidentale (HESSO) in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Specialty: Analysis and Statistics.


Jero majored in Hotel Management at Universidad CESSA. He came to Mero Mole proving his fantastic know-how abilities working in the Training and Development Department at Grupo Posadas, and also, as a specialist in the Product Analysis, Innovation Culture and Organizational Development area at Tupperware.

He is such a gifted guy; he’s actually won different prizes! An innovation award by Tupperware; 3 President’s Awards and an American Award. A-ma-zing!

He has a sweet tooth for camping, road trips and nature but what he really devours is… food! So much so that he owns a business of homemade sauces and dressings and, on the side, he enjoys cooking all kind of dishes both simple and elaborated.

Specialty: Actuary


Carolina is a Moler who majored in Actuary at ITAM, but her area of expertise is Statistics. She’s a crackerjack analyzing Data and she has the biggest fixation on R, the programming language, how about that?

She arrived to Mero Mole’s yummy headquarters after being the Professional Exchanges VP of AIESEC at ITAM in 2015, before that, she worked her magic in the Damage department of the Insurance Company GNP and in the Medical Expenses area as an intern. Since she’s a real hotshot, she was a volunteer at Egypt in a social project called “Women Empowerment” because she’s very interested on gender issues.

She’s a yoga lover, and she has a soft spot for dogs, especially for her own, Tito. As a good Moler, she’s the ultimate foodie and has a big appetite for all kind of food but wings are her biggest weakness, she can’t get enough of them!

Specialty: Production


After Adriana graduated in Communications, she realized there was nothing more delicious than being a producer. She brings to Mero Mole’s table, her great experience working as an event producer for the New York Company Asylum Arts (on its first Mexican edition in 2017), and also, her work as a producer in film productions, both animated and in live-action formats.

Later on, she stirred things up with Netflix, being the production coordinator of its first original animated series, which was co-produced by Ánima Studios. To keep her life full of flavor, she always has independent and personal production projects related to cinema, literary and current events.

Adriana graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana and since she has a big appetite for books and writing, she has been part of the editorial world. She is delighted to watch a project start from scratch until it becomes a masterpiece.

Specialty: Communication


Amal, as a good Moler, is an enthusiastic food lover (especially when it comes to sushi) and her family owns an Arab food restaurant.

She majored in Communication at Universidad Anahuac specializing in TV production so she is always thirsty for new TV shows to watch.

She is a tough cookie who is not afraid of big challenges or demanding production projects like the ones she took on in TV Azteca and Bellas Artes. She also did an impressive job in Televisa with accounts like Unilever, Danone and Bonafont, gaining skills in the customer service area.

After a couple of years, her cravings for preservation helped her become the Head of Logistics at CONANP, that is how she finally joined Mero Mole’s kitchen, bringing her delicious talent into the Project Management area, she is a true star following up every project and giving the customers the service they deserve.

Specialty: Content Development and Experience Execution

Extremely passionate about what she does, Luisa has made it part of her journey to explore and imbue herself in the world of design. Before becoming a part of the Mero Mole team, Luisa worked at Saatchi & Saatchi X, leading strategic POP shopper marketing projects for Oral-B, Crest, and Pantene to name a few, gaining experience in creating an emotional bond with the consumer and the product or the space in which it is being shown. Furthermore, she has been involved with branding, interior and retail space design for brands the likes of Kellogg’s, Bacardi, Coty Body Fresh, Pizzology and Arzberg.

Luisa has her BS in Industrial Design from Universidad Iberoamericana with experience in strategic design, concept development and experiential design.

Specialty: IT (Information Technology)


Poncho lives and breathes technology and innovation. His recipe to do a great job everyday is to think creative solutions to fulfill communication and entertainment needs throughout emerging operations and techniques.

He majored in animation and digital art at ITESM, since then, his career has always been flavored with technology. Before joining Mero Mole, he skillfully collaborated as a Project Manager in Kung Fu Klan with different brands like OCESA, coordinating the creative areas and managing and producing marketing activations and terraces of huge festivals. Also, working as a freelancer, he has fulfilled and enhanced the technical needs of different companies for nine years. So, basically, he is the man!

Poncho loves reading, putting things together and his biggest challenge is to find the perfect hamburger.

Specialty: Marketing & UX.

Ilana is a wizzard with brand architecture. She has worked with different agencies during her 7 year professional tenure (New Order Agency Group and Independent World) where she created graphic identities and campaigns for brands like Mentos, Caradura and Bajo Circuito. She has also develped branding for some nacionally successful bands and restaurants like Las Carolinas, Bajo Fondo, La Urbana and Cantina Royal (in New York). She also worked at MVS Comunicaciones and Verde Vertical.

Versatility, creativity and attention to detail characterize her work.

Additionally, she founded and directs Árbol Chiquito, a project focused on promoting urban agriculture in Mexico, and naturally she was in charge of creating the group’s graphic image as well.

She earned a degree in Graphic Design from Universidad Iberoamericana.

Specialty: Brand Design and Design Thinking


There are 3 things Celia loves: food, ballet and traveling around the world. She is a superstar in graphic design but her true passion is branding. She worked in House Media with several brands, later on; she worked for Design Bureau, where she was able to showcase her amazing skills for renowned companies such as Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, Colgate, Kimberly Clark and Volaris, and also, for restaurants of the CMR Group, (one of the top companies in the F&B Industry), such as Wings, Destilería, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Meridien, Del Bosque, Fly by Wings, etc.

Her work as a designer is simply al dente but she also has other passions like design thinking and marketing, which is why she always ensures design and strategy are cooked together perfectly. Celia graduated from the Centro de Estudios Gestalt and did a Graphic Design internship in the Universidad de Buenos Aires. But that’s not all! Here’s the dessert of her career: she has a major in branding from the Spanish University Constanza Business School.

Specialty: Administration and Finances

Passionate about Economics and Finance, Rob “Numerical Wizzard” Pérez worked in the Telecommunications Investment Project Evaluation sector within the House of Representatives. Before joining Mero Mole, he worked at the TEC de Monterrey in creating and developing strategic corporate alliances in the Metropolitan Area in Mexico City.

Robert has a Business Degree from the TEC de Monterrey and is currently completing a Masters in Finance at the EGADE Business School, so he can bring even more to the table.

Specialty: Administration

Before joining the team, she worked at the Residencia publicity agency as a Project Analyst and Billing.

Her holistic and multidisciplinary studies enabled Berenice to collaborate in the Budget and Payroll Subdirection at Bacomext S.N.C., as well as perform essential independent consulting within the Pawn industry for several businesses that were starting up.

Berenice has her BS in Business Administration with a certificate in Human Resource Strategic Administration from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Specialty: Project management

Sandra is a Hospitality strategist. Before getting into the Mero Mole pot, she worked at AM Resorts’ renowned property Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa as their wedding organizer. Her holistic and multidisciplinary studies have made it possible for Sandra to work in several industries: in the entertainment business she developed Marketing strategies for OCESA. She formulated PR plans for Algarabía magazine and BTL agency, GIDEAS organizing events like fairs and book launches, expos and inaugurations. She was also an account manager for Flock.

Sandra has a BA from Universidad del Valle de México in Communications, specializing in Publicity and Public Relations. She is a certified Wedding Planner by the international association Wedding Beautiful. It is this extensive background that makes Sandra an expert in planning and executing minute by minute experiences.

Specialty: Sales.

Like the good Meromolean she is, Marianna loves the kitchen and always keeps her eyes open for new culinary tendencies, but her second passions are client relations and experiencing the whirlwind world of sales, especially closing them!

Before coming on board at Mero Mole, she worked in the commercial area at OCESA, procuring all types of brand sponsorships for the country’s largest events and festivals. She had previously incurred into the world of cooking during the development of Bonkrep, a crépe shop with social capital and collaborative economy.

Marianne has a BA in Communications from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico and is currently completing a Masters Degree in Events Management with a specialty in Gastronomy from the ESDAI.

Specialty: Sales.


Alex majored in Business Creation and Development at Tec de Monterrey. He joined Mero Mole after being a badass bartender in Grupo Habita at Playa del Carmen, that’s when he discovered he was keen on mixology creating one-of-a-kind cocktails with surprising ingredients.

After that, he was a crackerjack headhunter at Michael Page, where he recruited top executives for major companies of all sectors and proved to be freakin’ awesome in PR and Sales. Time went by and after a while his passion for drinks made quite a comeback taking him to new places that inspired him to create a mezcal brand called Mezcal Mescarado.

As a good Moler, he gravitates towards food, especially good tacos, his motto is: “I love all kinds of tacos and if it’s not a taco, just give me a tortilla and I’ll make it a taco”.

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This role takes place in Mexico City. If you’re interested please go to the version in Spanish

This role takes place in Mexico City. If you’re interested please go to the version in Spanish

This role takes place in Mexico City. If you’re interested please go to the version in Spanish

This role takes place in Mexico City. If you’re interested please go to the version in Spanish

This role takes place in Mexico City. If you’re interested please go to the version in Spanish

This role takes place in Mexico City. If you’re interested please go to the version in Spanish

This role takes place in Mexico City. If you’re interested please go to the version in Spanish

This role takes place in Mexico City. If you’re interested please go to the version in Spanish

This role takes place in Mexico City. If you’re interested please go to the version in Spanish

This role takes place in Mexico City. If you’re interested please go to the version in Spanish

This role takes place in Mexico City. If you’re interested please go to the version in Spanish